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            A Mesopotamian lion         invented the wheel (first used in pottery)

3BC-   Humankind                           use of gears, cranks and pinions     

                                                            in devices like water and wind mills.

1806   Francois Issac de Rivaz       Hydrogen Oxygen I.C.E.

1826   Samuel Brown                      Hydrogen Engine Patent

1838   Christian Freidrich               Hydrogen Fuel Cell

1839   Edmond Berger                   Spark Plug

1859   Anyos Jedlik                         Electric Motor

1859   Gaston Plante                      Lead Acid Battery

1860   Philander/Francis Roots    Supercharger (Blast Furnace)

1862   Nickolaus Otto                    No Compression Engine

1870   Siegfried Marcus                 Horseless Carriage

1872   George Brayton                   Commercial Liquid Fuel ICE

1882   David Shearer                      Differential for steam carriage

1883   Siegfried Marcus                 Magneto Ignition

1885   Edward Butler                      Modern Spark Plug, Free Float Carb.

                                                            coil ignition,

                                                            Petrol three wheel fire cart.

1885   Karl Benz                               2 stroke ICE Car

1886   Otto, Daimler, Maybach     4 stroke ICE Car

1887   Rudolf Diesel                        Diesel

1889   Siegfried Marcus                 Carburetor

1889   Gottlieb Daimler                  4 speed Gearbox

1889   Wilhelm Maybach               First Motorbike

1889   Panhard                                 First production vehicle

1891   Peugeot                                 First Petroleum Car

1891   Panhard                                 Front Engined Car

1892   Wilhelm Maybach               Float type Jet Carburetor

1893   Margaret Wilcox                  Car Heater

1893   Duryeacar                             First American production line

1895   Fredrick Lanchester            Disc Brake, propeller shaft Transmission

1895   Panhard                                 First Closed Car

1895   Andre/Edouard Michelin   Pneumatic Tyres

1896   Karl Benz                               Boxter Engine

1897   Mors                                       Front Wheel Drive

1898   Percy Riley                             Mechanical inlet Valve

1898   Gottlieb Daimler                  Inline 4 Cylinder Engine

1898   Louis Renault                        Drive Shaft, Ring and Pinion

1899   Louis Renault                        Spring Rear Axle

1899   Gottlieb Daimler                  Gate Gear Change, Foot Accelerator

1899   Ransom Olds                        First Market Dominator (Curved Dash)

1900   Rudolf Diesel                        Bio Diesel

1902   Spyker                                  4 Wheel Drive 6 Cylinder

1902   Louis Renault                      Drum Brakes, Offset screw Supercharger

1903   Mors                                     Shock Absorbers

1903   Adler                                     Swing Rear Axle

1903   Mary Anderson                   Windshield Wiper

1903   Rambler                                Steering Wheel

1903   Bosch                                    Electric Ignition

1903   Amedee Bollee                   Independent Suspension

1903   Maudsley                             Overhead Camshaft

1903   Ader                                      V8

1905   Alfred Buchi                         Turbocharger

1907   Caldwell                               4 wheel drive (working)

1908   Delco                                    Coil and Distributor Ignition

1909   Christie                                 Transverse motor Front Wheel Drive

1909   Triplex                                    Automotive Glass

1911   Cadillac                                 Electric Starter and lights

1911   Isotta-Fraschini                    4 Wheel Brakes

1912   Oakland                                All Steel Body

1913   Peugeot                                Forced Feed Dry Sump Lubrication

1913   Ford Motor                           Moving production line.

1915   Cadillac                                Thermostatic Cooling

1916   Packard                                 V12

1919   Malcolm Loughead            Hydraulic Brakes

1920   Louis Chevrolet                   Torsion Bar

1922   Lancia                                    Unitary Construction

1922   Lancia                                    Independent Front Suspension

1922   Trico                                       Electric Wipers

1924   Vulcan Motors                      Automatic Transmission

1924   Harley Earl                            Whole Car Styling

1928   Cadillac                                 Synchromesh Gear

1930's Harley Earl                           Clay modelling

1945   Philips                                   Double Filament Globe

1945   Earle McPherson                 McPherson Strut

1948   Michelin                               Cross Ply Tyres

1948   Triplex                                   Curved Windscreen

1948   B.F. Goodrich                       Tubeless Tyres

1949   Triumph                                Combined Coil Spring and Damper

                                                            and Strut type telescopic damper

1956   Eugene Houdry                   Catalyctic convertor

1957   Chrysler                                 Cruise Control

1957   Felix Wankel                         Rotary Petrol Engine

1963   Hillman (Rootes Group)     Die cast Aluminium Engine

1968   Citroen                                  Moulded Plastic Bodies