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Welcome to Cars around Adelaide a site full of Classic car pictures, information, links and merchandise. Australians have always had their pick of world cars, for many years both American and European manufacturers built vehicles in Australia, the dealerships often had access to the parent company product, so many vehicles were specially imported.  This leads to a very wide variety of vehicles not seen in many places around the world, coupled with the climate, many rare and well preserved machines continue to roam the streets of Adelaide.  South Australia has a very similar climate to California, or Spain, which makes preserving old cars more a matter of keeping the sun and the dust off rather than worrying about the rain, or worse the salt used to keep snow off the roads.  The weather also means that there are shows and cruises for around nine months of the year. So take a stroll through the Galleries, maybe find out something new in the infomation section and don't forget to peek in the shop for a print or a mug.

Photographic images of Classic cars available on a variety of merchandise, Apparel, Prints, Mugs, Home Decor, Bags, Stationery, Cases and Skins.   You can even choose which images get released as only a small selection of images has been moved into the shop, so if there is an image in one of the galleries that you want made available on our mechandise site, use the add an image link in the gallery, and we will make it available and send you a direct link.

  We like you to ask, because it means that what goes into the shop is guided by the customer, as much as by our team.Although there are some images that cannot be released due to commercial restraints, e.g. Efijy or with respect to owner's request.

The galleries links in the drop down menu, are organised by the type of show, so it maybe by place of origin,  manufacturer or a National event.  A One in, All in gallery for the come one, come all shows.  A Special Interest Gallery with the Holden Efijy, Assorted local cars,  The National Motor Museum at Birdwood, and even a special Hot Rods Gallery.

There are links for the classic car clubs, websites and bulletin boards.  A map of Gorge Road, a drive even known in London, thanks to the Adelaide Classic Rally.

See if you can spot the easter eggs.

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