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Many names in the early days of the automobile went on to be household names others tended to take a backseat in history. Many names apprenticed at the James Flowers and Brothers, whilst others came from the Rail Sheds, which in those days involved a lot of plumbing.

Thomas Clegg's steam car, and Charles King's automobile, the Duryea brother's racing inspired a generation of inventors.

Ransom E. Olds actually built cars on a stationary production line, the curved dash being the first mass produced vehicle with stunning success.  After a fire destroyed all but one of eleven prototypes, built focussing on different power sources. Imagine if the untouched car had been electric or hydrogen?

Olds got eventually got ousted and started REO, which gave us the Speed Wagon.

David Buick gave us overhead valves and vitreous enamel and not in that order.  Yes the one used on baths.

William Durrant was the idea person behind multi company Corporations and brand level marketing. Vertical Intergration was the name of the game.   He founded Chevrolet in Canada to be able to regain control of General Motors after being the looser in a hostile takeover.

He lost again after Alfred P. Sloan was voted President by the Dupont stockholdings.

Henry Ford was involved in the Detroit Motor Company and turned it into the Henry Ford Motor Company, only to loose it to investors (Leland Brothers) who renamed it Cadillac.

He started Ford Motor Company and after out manouvering the share holders, including the Dodge Brothers, went on to buy Lincoln a company started by the Leland Brothers, after they lost out at Cadillac.

Whilst the Lelands ran Cadillac, it refused a shipment of bearings from Hyatt Roller Bearings, a company being run by Alfred P. Sloan.  Thanks to that he rejigged the quality at the bearing factory and it became industry leader, suppling both GM and Ford, and it went on to be part of United Motors.

Alfred ran United Motors and after moving up went on to run General Motors until the late sixties.

He hired Harley Earl and started Art and Colour at General Motors, he proceeded to use it to give us model obselesence.

Harley Earl gave us all body styling, a flowing body shape with complementing interior, and Clay modelling among other things.

Walter P. Chrysler worked at Buick, when Nash was the President, and after Nash left to start his own company, Walter became President.  His success allowed him to retire at an early age, but was coaxed into turning the failing Willys Overland around. The money he made from this he used to attract investors to Maxwell Motors, and then to purchase Dodge Trucks, after the Dodge brothers died.

Maxwell was renamed Chrysler and the rest is history.

Famous names in the early American car Industry